new book...........

This new book from C&T publishing has 13 quilt patterns that have been in other books by some talented designers.  I own a couple of the books but the rest were new to me.  I like the cover quilt but not in that color combination.  I'm always drawn to patterns that have a checkerboard look to them.
This is my favorite quilt in the book.  I know I am influenced by the colors used (yellow is my favorite color) and also the fabric choices (my favorite Martha Negley fabric, tree rings).  This one uses Drunkard's Path shapes also, another love.  There is an alternate color choice in the book too with large prints in the area where this one has applique.  This pattern originally was published in "Maverick Quilts" by Alethea Ballard.  I'm looking for my Drunkard's Path templates to see if I can use them instead of the templates in the book.
I'm still cutting big flowers for my Seed Packet quilt.  This one is a Kaffe print and this is the before photo.

This is the after photo, with 3 blocks cut from it.  I will cut up the rest into squares and triangles for a scrappy quilt.