More cutting.......

Last night was my 3 hour TV night so I decided to iron out fold marks and cut five more blocks for my current project.

I have 2 more Dahlias starting to bloom, yellow again.  There are more buds but I don't know if they will all get to bloom before it gets cold.  I will pull the pots up close to the garage tonight because it is supposed to get down in the 30s. 

I have had 2 good experiences with large companies.  My cable provider (which I dealt with last week when the cable box stopped working) looked at what I was paying and the service I was getting and they changed me over to a 24 month promotion for the same cost and my internet speed is tripled now.  Yesterday I called my cell phone provider about a data problem and the nice gentleman that I dealt with said he could offer me one of their new plans instead of the 2 year old plan I was on for $6 less a month with 4 times the amount of data.  As much as I dreaded contacting either company trying to get through to a human being it paid off to be patient with the automated voice.