12 blocks...........

I got 12 blocks sewn last night and cut into quarters.  The piles are 4 deep in the bottom row so there is enough to make 12 blocks.  The pieces above them are in stacks of 3 quarters because the 4th quarters are already sewn into 2 blocks.  I'll probably sew a few blocks today.  I have 16 more blocks to sew and slice into quarters.

I finished planting all of the hostas that I had in pots so they can spread their roots before the first frost and then freezing weather.  I planted 25 altogether in the last week.  Some are really small plants and others quite large.  With the tree gone from that area it is so nice and open and should look really great with all of the hostas next year.

Today I need to start piling all of the quilts and tops and kits and other supporting materials for the workshop that I'm teaching on Sunday.  Then the art quilters are coming Monday so I also need the basement cleaned up and cookies baked on Saturday.  It will be a busy few days.