I know it is August when..........

.....this hosta with the sweet smelling flower blooms.  It is the largest hosta and is always the last to come up, the last to bloom.

The elephant ear plant has 3 large leaves now but doesn't grow much in height.  Maybe it will keep growing taller with 2 more months of good weather.

I'm still playing with the idea of posting all of the Kaffe fabrics.  I think maybe this might be the way to do it.  A piece of the yardage shows the pattern better than a tiny swatch and the ruler gives you the idea of the size of the print.  I think I will look for a solid ruler (not see through).  If I start another blog with the photos on it then all of the photos will be in one spot instead of scattered all through this blog.  This print is in quilts in a book published in 1999 by Westminster. 

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