Flickering lights..........

I wanted to sew some crazy pieced blocks last night but one of the 8' fluorescent bulbs is burning out and flickers.  That will give me a migraine so I turned on a lamp instead but decided there wasn't enough light to make it fun.  I have a bulb burnt out in the basement too so I bought 2 new bulbs yesterday and now just have to wait for someone 6' tall to change them for me.
I needed a new steel tray for my AccuQuilt Studio die cutter so I bought a new die on sale at the same time.  The trays eventually become warped and the dies don't cut as well as they should because they are sitting a little too low in the tray.  You can tell if you need a new one by setting your tray on a flat surface and if you can rock it side to side (or end to end) it is warped.  I have had 3 trays in 5 years.  The AccuQuilt company says you may need to replace it every year but it depends on how much you use your die cutter.  I do a lot of cutting on mine.
Here are some of the variations using this die.  Diamonds aren't a lot of fun to cut with a ruler and rotary cutter.  This die will cut some nice accurate blocks.

I mixed 2 batches of cookie dough yesterday because the art quilters are coming Monday.  I'll probably wait to bake them on Sunday because I like to serve fresh cookies.  Today will be spent cleaning the basement.