Finishing blocks...........

I finished sewing all of the Drunkard's Path blocks last night.  I only cut from scraps for this bunch.  I have plenty of yardage if I want to add more.
There are 68 of the 3.5" finished size and 38 of the 7" finished.  I'm going to wait for the new Drunkard's Path variation book to see if I want to do something different with these.

Yesterday morning I helped a friend organize quilt kits for her winter in AZ.  There was a little cutting to do and mini lessons on two of the quilts.  Then we went out to lunch.  The heat and humidity was intense when we left the nice cool restaurant.  By late afternoon it was still pretty hot but there was a breeze so I went out for my daily weeding session.  The peonies are starting to die back so I can start chopping them down.