A full day............

A friend stopped by yesterday morning and we decided to cut a quilt for her and one for me on Friday.  We pulled out my Stonehenge fabrics that have been collected over the last 5 years.  I need to study the pattern to see if we need more yardage to add another row to it.

I went to church sewing circle yesterday afternoon.  I knew there was going to be a detour because a railroad crossing was being repaired.  What I didn't know was the the detour headed us into a construction zone.  What a nightmare!  I was 15 minutes late and I took a different route home, a much longer way to avoid the area.

Last night I worked on cleaning up a front flower bed.  It is in the sun until late afternoon so evening is the best time to work there this hot summer.  I cut many volunteer trees, pulled out yards of bindweed, and dug out a large plant.  One more night and I think it will be a lot more presentable.