Highs and lows of the day.....

I had little bits of time here and there throughout the day yesterday so I did my mindless triangle pairing and sewing.  

I took my flat tire to the tire store where I bought it and left it for evaluation/repair.  I got a phone call about 2 hours later that there was a gash in the sidewall and it wasn't repairable.  I had pulled onto the shoulder for an ambulance to pass at the beginning of my trip home from shopping and that is likely where it got gashed.  It went flat about 1.5 miles from that spot.  This is a 2 year old Michelin tire with only 9000 miles on it.  I was shocked.....thought it would be a simple repair job.  The guy said he would check with the company and see if he could get any reduction in price of a new tire for me.  I went to lunch with a friend and then had a 2:30 appointment for them to put the new tire on.  Shock #2 - the tire was free....road hazard warranty credit.  I just had to pay for the tire disposal and technician's time on the job.  

That gave me the energy to go out and mow my backyard in 86 degree weather.  The energy was soon gone after 25 minutes of mowing.