Lunching and designing...........

Two friends I used to work with at a quilt shop came to see me yesterday and we went out to eat.  It is always fun catching up on their lives.  

Later in the afternoon I got out over 200 Crooked Cobblestone blocks and started playing with them on the design wall.  I think this one is ready to sew.  Some columns have more seams than others so it is always a surprise what length they turn out to be.  I will add spacers to the top or bottom of the shortest rows.
I trimmed some of the larger blocks to make them fit in narrower columns.

My neighbor planted some roses about 12 years ago on what they thought was their lot but it is actually on mine.  Their son mowed both of our yards so they really never paid attention to the dividing line.  They moved and now it is a rental house.  The Redbud tree planted itself there about 10 years ago right next to the roses so now the roses climb up the tree.