Almost done..........

I made two more blocks and played with the arrangement some more.  I thought I was done, did the photography and then looked at it again..........

and I exchanged two blocks with each other, near the center.  I need to made a decision and get this sewn so I can clean off the design walls and get the stray threads with a lint roller.  The art quilters are coming tomorrow and I need empty walls.  

I baked two batches of cookies last night.  It was hot yesterday but supposed to be hotter and more humid today.  Since I don't have central air, just 2 window A/C units I thought it was better to bake at night.  It was still 78 degrees at 11:30 p.m. with 88% humidity.
The balloon flowers are blooming.  I used to have two colors of them but I'll have to wait and see if I still do.

They used to be short plants, maybe 10" tall.  Now they are more like 18" or taller.

The porch pots are doing great.