Sorting through the storm.......

It was a sorting kind of day.  Earlier in the day yesterday I was going through things in the basement.  Last night the thunderstorms rolled through so I unplugged my machines and sorted scraps while I watched TV.
In the afternoon I walked around my gardens to see what was new.  The Cranesbill was starting to bloom by the Brunnera.  There is also wild strawberry and violet leaves in the photo.

The Cranesbill by the porch is in full bloom.

This is the early peonies.  They will probably bloom before Memorial Day.  The rest will bloom a few days to a week after this one blooms.

When I was back in the kitchen I saw this huge bunny laying down under a bird feeder.  There is a mourning dove in front of him at the right.  I have seen them standing there eating under the feeders but have never seen a reclining bunny there.