Playing in the stash department.........

I was looking for a certain fabric on my brown/rust/gold shelves and I noticed some of the piles were messed up.  I decided to go through and re-stack them.  The big print is one of my very favorites.  I decided that while straightening I would pull some fabrics that coordinated with it.
Then I came across another favorite.  The turquoise version of this was the Hoffman challenge fabric back in the late 1980s.  It is really a rust, not red as it looks here.  I pulled a few fabrics to go with it too.  Now I MUST use these fabrics and not leave them for my estate sale.

I dug out weeds and volunteer trees, dug up the hosta I showed a couple days ago with all of the other plants smothering it out.  I cleaned up the area around it and replanted it.  I also transplanted 2 purple coneflowers and a Pulmonaria.  I dug up the Tiger lilies that were growing right next to my sidewalk and I need to either plant them in pots or back in the ground today.