Cutting again...........

I have ideas for several new quilts but they all require a lot of cutting so I started yesterday with the plaids to go with the Kaffes that were already cut.  There are a lot more fabrics to cut.

My Weigela bushes are blooming now.  This one is just past its prime.  I have 2 of these side by side and I cut the other one down to about 18" late in the season so it didn't bloom.  I will cut this one back after it is done blooming and then it should set buds for next year.
This one is a really pale pink. I will cut it back too.  I was warned when I bought them that I would be sorry if I didn't keep them trimmed.  If I had a large piece of property I could let them grow but on a city lot there isn't room for their growth.
The red one is always last to bloom and just has buds now.

I dug another hosta last night.  It was getting too large for its space.  I was able to just dig one side and pop some babies off without digging the whole plant out.  Today I need to mow the grass.  I enjoy mowing while it is still cool but I will dread it when it is hot and humid.