Cleaning and gardening............

This is the hosta that I showed on May 2 before digging and dividing.

This is the mama plant back in the ground after pulling off the babies.

Here are the 6 babies potted and catching a little rain yesterday morning.  The soil in my back garden is really easy to dig and I can dig up the whole plant, shake off most of the dirt and start pulling the babies away from the mother plant.  I never need to cut them.

I didn't sew at all yesterday.  I did laundry and continued putting away stuff in the basement.  I also mixed 2 batches of cookie dough and baked one batch last night. In the afternoon I went out and dug up another large hosta.  I didn't even have to pop the whole thing out of the ground; the babies popped loose while prying it up with the shovel.  I got 4 off of that plant.  I will keep some of them potted all summer rather than buying a lot of plants for my pots.