While cleaning the basement...........

Earlier last week I had run across 2 stacks of blocks; this group is from 2009.  Here is where I was playing with them in June 2009.  For several days I showed different fabrics to fill in the gaps and then put it all away.  It was less than a month since my mother had passed away in May 2009 and my 95 year old dad had become very "needy".  I couldn't make a decision what to do with the blocks.  If you went back to the link you can see I had a different arrangement for the blocks back then.  This is what I came up with yesterday and the fill ins will be an assortment of Kaffe fabrics and I think they will hardly be noticed.  This will be small, about 29" x 36" so it will get 2 borders and go in the baby quilt pile.
This is the other group of blocks from 2010 and the strips I had been auditioning at that time to use with them.  The center of each block looks like a 4 pane window.  Two days ago I added some spacers to get the rows almost the same length and sewed the 4 columns.  The strips are still loose on the wall.
I went to my black and white stash to see if I had any more of that fabric and found what I thought was the same print but reversed in color.  However....they are from 2 different companies.  I think I will cut some strips from it and try them instead of the black background.  Meanwhile I have 2 cutting tables still piled with "stuff" that I need to clean off before tomorrow when the art quilters will be here.