I caught up with my TV shows with ON DEMAND last night and counted triangle squares while I watched.  This is all of the 2", 3" and 4" finished triangle squares.  I need to make 72 more of the 4" size.  I haven't looked for the 6" triangles yet.  Since I made a quilt recently with all 6" ones I'm not sure if I have any cut.
I cut one more fabric into hexagons yesterday and put all of them back up on the wall.  This will only be about 60" x 65" with this many.  If I add to the length I have to add 2 rows to have a long row across the bottom.  That would add 14.5" to the length.  I'll have to think about this.  
This is a shot of yesterday afternoon's weather.  All morning it rained and then mid afternoon it started snowing huge snowflakes, almost sheets of snow.  The streaks in front of the tree trunks are the huge flakes.  All of the driveways and streets are clear because they are warm.