Auditioning layouts............

I have 42 blocks bordered and have another 10 ready to cut.  I decided I needed to try some layouts and decide if this is going to be a wallhanging or a couch quilt.  This would be the layout for a wallhanging.

In this staggered layout there would be a strip of the same fabrics that I am using for borders between the blocks.  It is a little hard to visualize that so I may need to cut some pieces and put them on the wall.  This would be the layout if it is going to be a couch quilt.

It got up to 70 degrees yesterday so I went out to the back yard and dug up the rocks that border my flower bed and the path around the tree.  I started this last fall and decided I needed to get the rest done before the plants start coming up.  I did more on the other side of the path after I took this photo.  The rocks have been sinking in the 15 years they have been there and some were totally buried.