A trade............

On Friday March 11 I posted a photo of several trays of 1" colorwash squares.  One of my readers contacted me and wanted to know if she could trade me some African fabrics for them.  This is part of my bounty.  There were books with an African theme in the box too.  I figured I had seen almost every African print already but she had lots of different ones that I hadn't seen.  I am thrilled with the trade.
It was supposed to go down to freezing last night so I went outside to take a few photos of our beginnings of spring.  This Forsythia is in the backyard and it only has a few little branches with blooms.
The Periwinkle Vinca even blooms in the winter so I probably shouldn't count it as a sign of spring.

The Pulmonaria/Lungwort is in bloom in one sheltered area.  I got my rake and cleared the leaves in the other area where I have it.  Some of the plants were up over there but no blooms on them yet.