Almost done............

Still sewing 94" rows together....2 more to go and I was too tired last night to do them.  I spent hours typing up the list of 76 quilts, in order and in groups for the program, pulling the rest of the quilts and stacking them in order.
I did a test packing and filled 2 huge suitcases, 2 jumbo tote bags, made 2 rolls of wallhangings and still had a stack left over that didn't fit.  I'll put those in 2 extra large dept. store bags.  Since the program is tonight I'll put this info on here one more time.

For the local people, here is the information: the Fair City Quilters meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday February 15th at the Federated Church, 403 N. Main St. in Sandwich. Guest fee is $5.  The last time I gave a program for them was 4 years ago so this trunk show will be the quilts I have made since 2012.  I plan on taking at least 75 finished quilts and tops.

The first peach/orange cactus is blooming.  The other plant is loaded with buds too.

I haven't stepped outside to see how much snow we got yet.  I'm guessing that it might be 3+" so I'll be shoveling the sidewalk and porch.