It was below 10 degrees all day yesterday.  We have had a mild winter up to this point so that made it feel even colder.

I sewed this together yesterday.  It is lumpy, bumpy, too many seams trying to meet.  I have a few points cut off, a few seams not meeting.  I'm not going to take any of it apart though.

 I have a new book on medallion quilts, one of the Stash books published by C&T.  I will be studying the ideas in it to make the above square into a medallion quilt.

If you go HERE you can see some of the quilts in the book.

There are line drawings of all of the quilts too and I love that feature.

This is one of my favorite quilts in the book and my sketch of the center block I will use plus 2 ideas for corner blocks.

I have these 2 blocks left over from a Bear Paw quilt I made a few years ago and the blocks happen to be the same size as the center block used in the book.  I think I'll probably use the top block.