Cutting diamonds............

Here is one photo I forgot to put in yesterday's post showing the contents of a drawer.

I started cutting diamonds with my die cutter.  This is the leftover of one of the smaller stratas.  I can sew those 2 ends together and cut another diamond.

And here it is.

This of course is creating a lot of leftovers too small to piece together for more diamonds.  I wish I could make my hand drop them in the wastebasket, but I can't.

I just put the diamonds up on the design wall as I cut them.  There were a few stratas not wide enough to get a diamond with crosswise stripes so I cut them lengthwise.  I don't know if they will stay in the project.

I'm planning on looking through my batiks and cutting some plain diamonds from them too.  I know I have one with bears and other wild animals in similar colors.  I think I have some tree batiks too.  I have no idea what I am making.  I'm hoping the blocks will tell me what they want to be.