A good sewing day.......

Yesterday was the twice monthly sewing day.  I took my machine and more of the Kaffe strip scraps and pieced 24 blocks.  Last night I started trimming them.

I thought they were so pretty for the tote bag and wondered if a bunch of them would be too busy as a quilt.

I worked on the lining of the tote bag (see yesterday's post) both in the morning and after I got home from the sew in.  I had forgotten how long it takes to make tote bags.  The pocket for the water bottle is a little short for the tall bottle but would be perfect for the little 8 oz. size.  I used my favorite Martha Negley fabric for the lining, tree rings.  There is some of the same red/orange color in it.

 This was a social week, 4 days in a row being with people.  I think I'll be a hermit today.