A long post with a tutorial

A family member asked if I could embroider a name on a Christmas stocking they found in their box of decoration stuff. It was to be for the (serious) boyfriend of one of the family members. I went to pick up the stocking, and lo and behold, here was this b**t ugly (in the family member's words) stocking that I had made in 1984 or 85. I just couldn't let this new member have anything so ugly and I also couldn't get that cuff open far enough to put it on my embroidery machine. So.....I made a new one. A little prettier I think.
I start out by crazy piecing a piece of base fabric with fusible fleece on it (cut roughly into the shape I will need).
Then I lay my pattern on it and draw around it.
I embroidered his name on the cuff.
I layer the backing face down, 2 layers of lining wrong sides together and the pieced top and cut them all at once. This way I can be sure that they are all exactly the same size.
Sew around the 2 lining pieces right sides together, leaving an opening to turn the stocking.
Sew the stocking front and back together, then clip all inside curves, and turn right side out.
Sew the back seam in the cuff and sew it onto the stocking.
Insert the stocking into the lining.

Insert a hanging loop between the layers.
Sew all around the top edge of the stocking and lining.
Turn right side out by pulling the stocking out of the opening in the lining.
Sew the opening shut.
Push the lining down into the stocking and give it a good steam press around the top edge to keep the lining rolled to the inside.